Monday, August 9, 2010

weekend fun

This past weekend was Tax-Free weekend in SC. Each year our state has a weekend, usually a week or two before school starts and all school supplies and clothes are Tax Free. The first year that we did this the stores were really involved and there were HUGE sales. It resembled black friday, people were shopping at midnight as soon as the tax "holiday" started. I love a bargain and Black friday is one of my favorite days of the year so obviously a whole weekend of bargain school supplies is right up my alley. Unfortunately, the stores seem to have gotten "smart." They've realized that people, especially in this economy are going to shop tax-free weekend, even if they don't offer great sales. So the past few years there have been fantastic sales the week before the tax holiday and prices are back up for the big weekend.

I was out and about all weekend trying to get ready for everything (Student teaching, Girl Scouts, and Children Church) that is about to kick off for the new year. Here are a few deals I managed to find:

Lots of new clothes: 3 tops and 5 skirts from hamricks for a total of $31.00! 8 packs of 100 index cards for $2.32
9 legal pads for $3.00

6 pencil sharpeners $0.30

10 Folders $0.50

6 pair of scissors $1.50

6 1" three ring binders $1.50

9 pencil boxes $5.40

6 childrens books $2.00

Large tote bag to haul all of this stuff around $6.00

Total spending this weekend : $53.52

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  1. I love finding good deals on school stuff because you end up spending so much of your own money!