Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teacher Week - Must haves

Again, this post is following the teacher week here. Keep in mind that I am just entering my student teaching and there are a lot of things I haven't thought of yet but I "must have"

1. "Teacher Friends" - Someone who's going through the same thing as me, or at least someone who understands what I'm going through. Most importantly someone who will never say "all you do is color and play all day"

2. "organization" - This is not my best skill, I will need lots of shelves, boxes and other help when it comes to organizing my own classroom.3. "writers workshop" - After a semester long internship in a kindergarten classroom where the only form of writing was copying what the teacher wrote on the board, I WILL implement writers workshop in my classroom. Children have great imaginations and they need to be encouraged to use them and fall in love with writing.

4. "LOTS OF BOOKS" - I am addicted to children's books. I actually think I have way more than I could ever display in my classroom and I keep buying more. I usually buy them used from thrift stores and yard sales (normally around 10 cent a piece). I am thinking of having book give-a-ways in my classroom. What do y'all think?

5. "Read alouds" - I couldn't find the pictures I have of me actually doing a read aloud so this one will have to do. I use read alouds for everything! During morning meeting, math, science, social studies, and of course language arts.



  1. I love doing read alouds, too! Kids love them!

  2. Book-give-aways - great idea! I love that...and have waaaay too many books that I would love to give a new home :)

  3. I love picture books and hope my students will love them as much as I do!

  4. @Lana - Sometimes I think my supervisors and coaching teachers must get tired of hearing me read. I add a read aloud to everything I do.

    @Abby - When the grant ended at my old job, we did a book give-away. I was working with low income families and I have never seen children so excited. I'm hoping my students will be just as excited.

    @ Katie - If you truely enjoy reading and show this love to your students they will love it too.