Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life as a student teacher

Well, obviously by the amount of posts I have made in the last 5 weeks you have probably figured out I am staying pretty busy. To top things off I am sick. Monday night I was really stressed out because I had a LOT of stuff due on Tuesday. It never fails, when I get stressed I get sick so when my throat started to hurt that night I didn't think much about it. Tuesday as I began turning in assignments and checking things off my list I began feeling better. By Wednesday morning my nose was runny and i really felt awful but I thought it had to just be allergies. Right? When it was worse on Thursday, I began to worry that it may not be just allergies, normally I would suffer through but working so closely with my coaching teacher, I was scared she may catch it from me. Her High School Reunion is today so I REALLY didn't want her to get sick. When I left the school at 5:30 on Tuesday I headed directly to our local CVS Minute Clinic. I love the minute clinic for things like viruses and vaccines. It is way cheaper than going to a doctors office or Dr's Care and no appointment is needed. She was able to take me right back and guess's a Sinus infection. It's really hard to catch a sinus infection from someone so I was able to go to school on Friday (on three types of medicine). Just to be sure I brought my handy Lysol wipes and a can of Lysol and went to town before my coaching teacher arrived. She was so happy that I had been so considerate. I'm not feeling much better today but I should be back to normal after a day of rest in bed tomorrow.

Did anyone else notice, by way of their students behavior, that it's a full moon? We sure did, our kids have been off the charts. Wednesday it was so bad I was second guessing my career choice. After school we looked it up and sure enough, full the teacher next door says - Even the good ones go bad. I never used to put much stock in people acting weird during full moons but it was obvious this week. Hopefully this too will be over by Monday.

I have lots more I could talk about, but I'm sure most of you quit reading my babble long ago so I'll stop now. I hope y'all have a wonderful week!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

If anyone's actually reading this...

I'm sorry it's been so long between posts lately. I've been spending about 10 hours a day at the school and I busy working on projects when I get home. I'm getting ready to begin the big research project that seniors are required to do at my university. I am focusing on literacy for my project and it will require reading lot of student papers. I will tell you guys more about my project later but I can tell you it's something I'm very excited about starting. Although I am excited about it, it will be taking up a lot of my time.

In other news, my girl scout troop has tripled in size over the last three weeks and could grow even more in the near future. As excited as I am that we now have enough girls to register as a troop, I don't know what I will do if anymore register. Our meeting space is not very big. I've spent my entire weekend trying to duplicate the supplies I bought for my troop. Unfortunately, stores only ordered some of the supplies as seasonal for back to school and they are now out :(

Well, I'm off to write lesson plans, I have a big observation on Tuesday and I need to be prepared.

I hope everyone has a great week!