Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life as a student teacher

Well, obviously by the amount of posts I have made in the last 5 weeks you have probably figured out I am staying pretty busy. To top things off I am sick. Monday night I was really stressed out because I had a LOT of stuff due on Tuesday. It never fails, when I get stressed I get sick so when my throat started to hurt that night I didn't think much about it. Tuesday as I began turning in assignments and checking things off my list I began feeling better. By Wednesday morning my nose was runny and i really felt awful but I thought it had to just be allergies. Right? When it was worse on Thursday, I began to worry that it may not be just allergies, normally I would suffer through but working so closely with my coaching teacher, I was scared she may catch it from me. Her High School Reunion is today so I REALLY didn't want her to get sick. When I left the school at 5:30 on Tuesday I headed directly to our local CVS Minute Clinic. I love the minute clinic for things like viruses and vaccines. It is way cheaper than going to a doctors office or Dr's Care and no appointment is needed. She was able to take me right back and guess's a Sinus infection. It's really hard to catch a sinus infection from someone so I was able to go to school on Friday (on three types of medicine). Just to be sure I brought my handy Lysol wipes and a can of Lysol and went to town before my coaching teacher arrived. She was so happy that I had been so considerate. I'm not feeling much better today but I should be back to normal after a day of rest in bed tomorrow.

Did anyone else notice, by way of their students behavior, that it's a full moon? We sure did, our kids have been off the charts. Wednesday it was so bad I was second guessing my career choice. After school we looked it up and sure enough, full the teacher next door says - Even the good ones go bad. I never used to put much stock in people acting weird during full moons but it was obvious this week. Hopefully this too will be over by Monday.

I have lots more I could talk about, but I'm sure most of you quit reading my babble long ago so I'll stop now. I hope y'all have a wonderful week!


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