Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Changes :)

Wow! I can't believe it's been over two years since I've posted. So much has happened in two years and I'm not even sure where to begin. I was getting ready for my Third year of subbing the last time i posted. In October of that year I was called to sub at a school I had only visited once before. A few weeks later I was called back and offered a long term position there. Over the next month I feel in love with this school and the Family I was making there. When time came for me to leave I sat in the principals office sobbing because I just didn't want to say goodbye.

In December I was called to come in for an interview for an assistant position in the ID Mild classroom. I was offered the Job In January. I'd always said it took a special person to work in special ed and I always followed that statement with "and i'm not that person."  I was scared that I wouldn't be what the kids needed. I quickly fell in love once again this time with 12 new faces who (most of them at least) adored me.

Subbing I had seen so many situations where teachers and there assistants had horrible relation ships and that was probably my biggest fear coming into this new job, but I was BLESSED with one of the best co-workers I ever could have asked for. She encouraged me, shared her classroom with me and quickly became one of my best friends.

I began to interview at other schools for a job for the following year (2013-2014) but I quickly realized I was right where God wanted me. At least for the time being. after subbing for 2.5 years and beginning this job in the middle of the year, I just wanted to stay in one place for a full year. So, I made the decision to stay put.

I knew this year would most likely be my last in this classroom, after all, I'm a certified teacher with LOTS of student loans and I really did need to move forward with my career. I enjoyed this year with my kids and I feel like being with the same class in a School I love helped me build my confidence in myself as a teacher.

The problem with my school and my certification is that I'm only certified for k-3rd and my school is 3rd-5th. The good thing is there are 6 third grade classrooms so chances are good that there would be some openings. In May, I sat down with my administration and 3 co-workers to interview for a third grade position in my school. I would much rather interview with complete strangers than with people who know me, but I made it through in one piece. A few days later I sat down with my Principal and AP as they gave me the bad news. I had done a WONDERFUL job in the interview, but they went with someone else. but they did have some good news....

I was offered a NEW position the school is creating for the coming year. I will be teaching using a computer program called Achieve3000. The program uses non-fiction articles that are leveled.The articles are accompanied by opinion questions, multiple choice questions, and a writing response. We used this program last year in each of our classes. A vital part of the program is that each class should complete a group lesson together each week focusing on a different skill area (note taking, responding to text, close reading, etc). students should also complete at least two lessons on their own a week. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) the group lessons just weren't happening each week in each classroom. I will see all 400+ students in our school. It's a certified position and I'm thrilled and excited and a little nervous to be taking on this task. In addition to the group lessons, I will also be working with RTI groups.

I will not be on the related arts schedule. Teachers will schedule their time with me and will be in my classroom for parts of my lessons as I see necessary. I will not take the place of the computer lab.

Has anyone out there taught a class like this??? Or another related arts class? I would love to here your advice on scheduling, classroom management, etc.

The school is closed this week but I will be able to go in next week and start moving my stuff from my old room to my new room and start planning my classroom set up. I'll post pictures as I begin my move! Hopefully, Now that I'm settling in, I can get back in the habit of posting.


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