Thursday, July 24, 2014

My classroom.

First, I want to state the fact that every time I quit blogging it's because I type up a phenomenal post ans it it somehow gets deleted before I can post it. That happened again earlier this week and it just so discouraging because I've drained the energy I felt toward the topic by writing it the first time and I know I won't be able to put it all back into words the same way again. 

Now that I've vented, let's move on. Last we we receive an email saying our school had finally been cleaned and we could get into our rooms to start working. I've said before, I'm the kid that can't wait to go back to school, so I've been waiting for this news. 

My mom had taken the week off to spend with me and for us to get stuff done. We were planning to sneak out of town Tuesday and Wednesday so we planned to work in my room Thursday. We went on our mini vacation and got stuck in what felt like a tropical storm.

Thursday morning we were exhausted and by the time we got to the school we only had a few hours before it would close. It didn't matter since the teacher who's moving out and into another room, hadn't moved anything out yet. I did measure the room and my bulletin board though and made a list of cleaning supplies I would need before coming back. 

Monday I headed back, and after talking with my principal decided it would be ok for me to take down posters and bulletin boards that were still up in my room. She had a lot of decorations so I started making my way around the room, then I took down the bulletin board. 

I bought felt for my bulletin board because it was cheap but I didn't take into consideration how much it stretches...after struggling, I finally go it put up. I'm hoping the crease will slowly smooth out. 

I probably should have measured and cut before I put it up, but it worked out...

Then I cleaned my sink and fixed where the edge of the counter had peeled away. Duck tape truly fixes everything :)
Yesterday I moved all my stuff down to my new room and stacked it to one side. Then I found out there's only been one other teacher working on there room - come on people, I can't be the only one excited to organize my room. Right?

Hope you're enjoying your break!


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