Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The district I want to teach in has be hit hard by the budget crisis. They are closing a school drastically changing the set up of two others and letting all first year teachers go. Before there is any chance of new openings, they will hire back these teachers (this is fair and good for them, but not for me). The district where I live is opening a new school next year but is planning on doing so many shifts in teachers they don't know if they will have any openings. While subbing I have met many teachers who graduated a year before me and STILL don't have classrooms.

I am facing the fact that I won't have a classroom to call my own in the fall. I am also facing the fact that my many students loans are due NOW!

Today I went for a job interview at a GREAT daycare center on campus. I was truly hoping I could teach there for the summer and then make a decision about whether to stay there or continue to sub in the fall.

During my interview she told me she would want me to make a 1 year commitment if I got the job. I go for a second interview Friday so I need to make a decision. My heart is telling me I need to continue to sub in the fall. I am in the schools and getting to know the principals and office staff. I have also had several people tell me subs get moved in to full time positions all the time because the staff know you.

I need a job NOW but I want it to be a job that's good for me. I don't want a job that will hold me back in the long run.

So, fellow teachers and bloggers, what is your advice? Should I (if hired) take the job in the Child care center, or look for a "summer" job and sub in the fall?


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