Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So after lots of thoughts and prayer, I went in to my second interview Friday ready to talk to the supervisor. I wanted to find out if there was any possibility for a summer position instead of a year long commitment. My four hours in the classroom were supposed to start at 8:30 and I found out when I arrived that the director wasn't going to get there until 9:00. I told the girls at the front that I wanted to talk to her and they told me they would tell her I was there when she got there. I went to start my time in the classroom. I was in a toddler classroom which are the 1 year olds. There are 10 in that class and there were 2-3 workers in the classroom during any given period not counting me. I love this age for a lot of reasons. They are mobile and verbal, they can do so much for themselves and its so fun to watch them try new things. At the same time they love to sit on your lap, bring you books, and they still need to be tucked in at nap time. I didn't particularly love having 10 1 year olds in a small room with 4 adults. Also, many of the teachers have recently been moved to different classrooms so they teachers weren't completely comfortable with each other and the kids yet. After 4 hours I had helped with breakfast, playtime, outside time, lunch, and naptime. I was exhausted. If I had taken the job I would have been working 10 hour shifts. I went to the directors office and she told me she would get back to me once she got my evaluation. I then told her I didn't feel comfortable making a year long commitment because I felt like I should be in the School system. She thanked and told me bye.

I felt awful turning down a potential job when I really need a summer job. But it just didn't feel right in so many ways. I think I have enough money saved to make it through the summer (even though my student loans are now due) and I am planning to sub in not one but two districts this fall so I should have a more steady paycheck coming in then.

This week has felt so weird with no phone calls to sub and nothing to plan for girl scouts. I am planning on getting a head start on plans for GS next year, and we are going to do a few things this summer but this week has been about relaxing. I am planning a trip to the beach with my cousins and trying to get some stuff cleaned out for a yard sale my aunts are planning soon.

I do plan to start blogging more (and hopefully bring in some more followers). Tomorrow, I plan to tell you all about our girl scout awards ceremony.


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