Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After I posted yesterday, I recieved some bad news. My grandmother who has been in and out of the hospital for a few weeks was referred to hospice. I hadn't had much interaction with hospice in the past and to me the only thing I associated it with was going home to die. In reality she won't be going home at all. There is a facility close by that is run by hospice where she will be going. The family gathered at the hospital this morning to meet with the doctor and social worker. My family is large My grandmother who is 91 had 7 children all still living, and living in the immidiate area. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am for this. I went to the hospital but did not go in the meeting, I sat in the room with my grandmother.

I am feeling better now that I know the facts although it is still heartbreaking. My grandmother had a VERY bad kidney infection it had to be treated with strong antibiotics. Unfortunately a 91 year old body just doesn't withstand as much as a younger one would and the antibiotics killed the good bacteria too. This caused a disease in her stomach. The medicine that would treat it would do more damage to her memory which right now is in very good shape. They have decided not to treat it.

She will go to stay in the hospice facility. She will be one of only thirteen patients in the facility. If she recovers she will be able to come home. If not, the hospice nurses and staff will make sure she is as happy and comfortable as possible. Family can stay in the facility with her at all times and nurses will be availble around the clock. Our family will be able to enjoy her company for as long as possible. For this I am very thankful.

Please keep my family in your prayers this week, we are all handling this in our own ways.

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