Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blasts from the past

I'm a girl who loves traditions. I am very sentimental and I HATE change. Over the past few weeks I have subbed a lot at the school I attended as a child. It's full of memories and has changed but I have to admit it's changed for the better. PE no longer meets in a portable and there are beautiful murals on the walls. Of course some things haven't changed including some of the teachers. It's been fairly easy making the transition from student/teacher to coworkers. Many of the teachers and staff are very happy to see me back in the school. With that being said, there are times when I'm walking down the hall way and I hear them fussing at a student and I stop dead in my tracks, remembering what it felt like to be those students.

I received some devastating news this week. The girl scout camp I grew up going to and planned on taking my daisies to this April has been sold and we will not be able to attend. The news wasn't a complete shock since the property has been up for sale for two years but it still upsets me. There was a clause in the deed saying the property had to always be owned by girl scouts but our council found a loop hole and sold it. The woman who called seemed to have no remorse when telling me my girls trip would have to be canceled. This comes after many changes in our local council. Many of the smaller councils were merged several years ago and very little is offered for girls in my area because there was "better property" in other areas and our things have been closed. It's not fair to the girls. Many of them can't afford to travel to get to camp in other areas. Not to mention the fact that this camp was open for MANY years and generations of girl scouts have camped their and grown up to watch their daughters and granddaughters camp there. Some of my fondest memories of girl scouts are at that camp. I found out today that I can go out there and take some pictures in the next week or so. Keep looking for a tribute post.

Today I subbed for a class that was going on a field trip to the philharmonic! It was great and the kids were super! I miss playing violin so much. If only I had the time to practice. :( After the concert we took the kids to play at a local park. The park was one I frequented as a child. I enjoyed a nice afternoon watching the kids play for several hours in the wonderful 75 degree weather.

So, are you sentimental? Do you have a hard time saying goodbye to things from your past? Have you had to deal with loosing a favorite spot from your childhood? How did you deal? I'd love to hear from y'all!


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