Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How To Talk So Kids Can Learn

I recently worked the local Scholastic warehouse sale for the first time (it's a GREAT way to build your library). I found this book in the bargan area and tossed it in my box. I pulled it out around christmas and slowly began reading it.
It really is a fast read, I just keep getting caught up in other things. I've finaly finished the first two chapters and I LOVE the way it is set up. Each chapter describes a senario that a teacher is going through, there are cartoon drawings of how not to handle the situation and suggestions of how to handle the situation. I love that it goes into the details of why not to do something as well as why you should do it another way. One thing about my education so far is that our classes on classroom management have focused on what not to do leaving us to guess about what we should do. Following the chapter are letters from parents and teachers stating how these strategies have helped them.

Here are some tips from the first chapter which focuses on the childs feelings:

  • Instead of denying feelings, put their feelings into words (it makes you feel, or you don't like)
  • Instead of criticism or advice, acknowledge their feelings with a word or sound (mmm, oh, or I see)
  • Instead of reasons and explinations, give in fantasy what you can't in reality (wouldn't it be great if...)
  • Instead of ignoring feelings, Accept feelings even as you stop unacceptable behavior
Have you read any good professional development books lately? I'd love to here which books have helped you.

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